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Flutter App Development Services

Flutter is Google’s open-source UI toolkit that helps the developers to build dynamic and feature-rich applications for both Android and iOS platforms. At Future IT Touch Pvt. Ltd., we craft industry-standard cross-platform applications to streamline your business. Our next-gen Flutter app development services ensure future-ready applications for Android and iOS devices. As an experienced mobile app development agency, we offer end-to-end Flutter development services to craft expressive, agile, and flexible applications. .

Our Suite of Flutter Development Services

As an experienced mobile app development agency, we offer end-to-end Flutter development services to craft expressive, agile, and flexible applications. Our solution is available at a competitive rate. Take a look at our range of services:

Cross-Platform App Development

Our advanced hybrid app development services bring your customers an out-of-the-box digital experience. Our developers use quality code libraries, native camera, geolocation, accelerometer and other platform-specific functionalities to craft a seamlessly-performing mobility solution.

App Re-engineering

App re-engineering is the process of evolving an existing and out of date app with the latest industry trends and technologies. We can re-build your existing apps to a hybrid platform through Flutter. Our customized solution perfectly suits diverse business verticals.

API & UI Development

With a rich blend of responsive and expressive UI and customized APIs, our specialists can leverage the built-in Material Design of Flutter. We also use various flutter APIs like animation & motion APIs, and iOS-flavour (Cupertino) widgets to enhance the app experience.

Support & Maintenance

We extend our service to offer you a complete support and maintenance service. Software upgrades, security patches integration, database server optimization, performance monitoring, code maintenance, bug fixes, functionality enhancement - we offer it all.

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Advantages of App Development with Flutter

Our app development with Flutter has earned appreciation from a global clientele. Here are some of the advanced features of our Flutter solutions.

Future-ready Apps

Adept with the latest industry trends and tools, our developers craft advanced mobility solutions to cater to the next-gen audience. Stay ahead of your competitors by engaging our service.

Smart Architecture

Flutter facilitates agile app development. The Dart programming language in Flutter allows the developers to use Just-in-Time compilation that enhances development workflow.

Sprint-driven Development

This process relies on the repetition of a short development cycle. This ensures a glitch-free app development without requiring much time.

SCustom Widget Development

Our developers can flexibly craft custom widgets such as gesture detectors, buttons, texts, images, layout columns, checkboxes, etc. We ensure each widget is refined and highly functional.

Faster Time-to-Market

With its extensive library of utility packages, UI building blocks, and functions, Flutter actively helps in accelerating the design process. While using Flutters, the developers need not micro-optimize al.

Easy Debugging

Our team has adequate industry-exposure to identify bugs and fix the issues to keep your business application seamless at all times.

Less Coding

Flutter allows the developers to reuse codes and it has a wide community to support the developers across the world. Whether you are looking to launch an MVP.

User-first UI/UX

Our developers use conditional UI with animations to ensure an engaging user experience. Creating an elegant UI/UX is our speciality.



Trusted Flutter App Development Company - Why Partner with Us

As a reliable Flutter app development company in India, we guarantee you of the following:

Experienced Team

We have relevant industry-exposure to build high-end enterprise-scale mobility solutions. Instead of using a template theme, we can integrate custom features to ensure that your business app stands out from the crowd.

Competitive Rate

In today’s digitally advanced age, a mobile app is a necessity for any business. That’s why we offer a distinct solution at a competitive rate for SMBs (Small and Medium-sized Businesses) and large enterprises. Our tailored solution allows you to pay for just what you want. So you can effectively save some bucks.

Advanced Toolkit

Our team is well-versed with the advanced tools like Panache, Supernova, Codemagic, Amplitude, Sylph, Count.ly, AppsFlyer, etc. Such an extensive knowledge helps us to drive innovation in your app.innovation in your app.

Scalable Solution

We support your business growth. That’s why we offer a highly scalable digital solution. You can launch an MVP first then scale it up as per your budget and requirements. You can also get a robust application and later extend its features and functionalities without any hassles.